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       We know and understand that our customers contend in an ever advancing, always demanding, rarely compromising, and always competitive global market place. Together with our machine tool builders, Kitako (SB Machine Tools) is committed to the success of each and every customer.

       Choosing the right tool is only the beginning. We recognize that our customers demand value added services, and Kitako delivers. At our offices in Schaumburg, IL we maintain a skillfully qualified team of factory trained and machine-certified service and application technicians. Our large showroom and fully equipped classroom provide ample space for operation and program instruction, test cutting, process demonstration, and hands on set-up training. Be it in-house or in-plant, Kitako optimizes the productivity of our machinery by equipping our clients with a ccomplete knowledge of the features, operations, and capabilities of our tools.

   Combining 4-Spindle technology with a built-in gantry loader, our HS4200i allows for smooth, unattended operation with no idle time for part loading/unloading. This revolutionary four independent spindle design enables the gantry loader to load and unload parts on two spindles while parts are machined on the other two spindles. Identical or different parts can be machined independently (AB/AB, AA/BB, WAA). After experiencing unparalleled production jumps, hundreds of our customers will attest to the "Through-Put Advantage" that their Kitako 4 spindle has over any twin spindle on the market.   www.sbmachinetools.com

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